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WD My Cloud Home


In this Article I’m going to show you this my cloud home from Western Digital and this

is a personal of what you say storage device internal storage device you can

think that you will attach to your router and to backup all this stuff from

your computer and even from your smartphones and I feel in today’s

digital age at the device like this is sort of important because most of the

time I don’t know about you but I take most of the photographs from my

smartphone or it’s stored in the computer it’s in a digital format and

just imagine if something happens your phone crashes or if your computer crashes how much data that will get lost

so devices like this helped they have automated software that will back up all your stuff even in fact WD

claims that you don’t even need a computer to set this up you can just set

it up automatically from your smartphone and will backup stuff automatically from

your smartphone or even if you have a cloud account so let’s quickly open this

up and let’s have a look and let’s see what it can do for you so guys here is

the box I have as you can see and here you’ll notice that it says it’s a three

terabyte unit and this is a review net that was sent to me by Western Digital

and it comes in a variety of storage it starts with gb sorry two terabytes

three terabytes four and even terabytes I believe I’ll have the links

in the description area and it says it works with iOS and Android and there are

some settings so let’s quickly just open this up and let’s have a look so I’m

going to speed up this to show you get this pamphlet don’t lose this one this

is required while you register the device and we get a large cable and a

power adapter and as you can see it just says my cloud home at the back and we have a USB port so you can also

transfer data of that but you connect it to your what you say

routers LAN port and this is for the power that said so you just connected

and we’ll do that and let’s open this smartphone app and see how easy it is to

configure so guys here is my smart phone and let’s try to configure the same I

have connected this Drive as you can see this

white light glows and from the back it’s nothing as you can see have attacked

internet cable and it’s glowing that means it’s connected and this was the

power adapter pinning that that’s it very simple setup let’s see how easy it

has to set up and you just download this my cloud home app from the Google Play

Store it’s also available for iOS I’ll show you that till later on and we are

going to configure this one using this smartphone obviously if you want you can

also use it with a dedicated computer but let’s try to set it up with the

smartphone now so I’m just going to open that up and it’s gonna login and make sure you are on the same Wi-Fi network

on which you have connected this Drive you have to agree to this terms and

conditions I’ll do that and again you have to create an account so I’ll just do that and then we continue so just

created an account and now it’s searching and say specify the type of

cloudy at night my cloud moments so I just want to search that on our network

and it did find this and it says if we got this what do you say on our device

so it’s has some code over here that we need to enter so I’m just going to do

that and it looks like it found the drive so the setup is actually pretty

easy and it says what’s new whatever whatever service maintenance no

notification whatever customized app experience it says we had said your so the setup was actually very easy so just

don’t lose this because this one has the code that you have to enter on your

smart phone and it has this auto backup option I’ll just switch it on so I think

so it’s got a backup stuff that is on your smart phone and it can do over

Wi-Fi or cellular data I won’t tell you cellular data for now I’ll just head

done and it’s backing up I think so the photos and stuff on my smart phone to

this one now and we can also as I told you it works with obviously your

computer so you can also use the desktop app I’m going to do that I’m going to

show it on my Mac we’ll install that and show you other

and we can also share some of the stuff that we have packed up on this device

let’s say you are vacation photos or your kid’s birthday party photos all so

you can share it with others also if you want and you can also backup let’s say

you have stuff on your air maybe like Google cloud or whatever do that go to

the Settings tab and from here click this man it services as you can see we

have quite a few services that is extra functionality that this drive offers and

you need to go to the social and cloud import option and enable this option

once it’s enabled you just hit configure and it’s going to open this webpage and

from here you can configure what do you say various cloud services that you have

for example I personally use Dropbox and Google Drive so if I enable this the

countries that have on my what do you say Dropbox account will be

automatically copied to this Drive so this is also a very good option in my

opinion as you can see it works with Dropbox Google Drive onedrive box and

even your Facebook account so this is the app and activities it shows I can

invite files it’s gonna upload stuff as of now I’ll add that so photos it’s

going to backup upload something upload your photos or videos it says so I can

upload whatever stuff that I have on my smart phone do that and it should

actually do this automatically so I’ll just wait I’ll just hold on for some

time and it should actually back up all the stuff automatically to the drive

that’s what it is it’s it’s they claim that it’s a hassle-free solution it says

my cloud home items so waiting to be backed up so it’s just as you can see

it’s just quickly changing that means it’s writing the stuff to this one and

yes it also works with iOS so this is my four I have installed this my cloud app

the setup is almost similar as on an Android phone and as you can see you get

almost the same layout and it has now backed up it’s been about a couple of

hours so if we go to files as you can see my document for

from my computer has been back down and this is the Samsung phone and it should

have backed up the images and we don’t have those images directly on the phone

but let’s see how fast it will access that if we click here as you can see

these are the images that I had shot with this one and you can order it by

date or order it by what do you say it takes a little bit of time for buffering it but these were the snaps that I had

taken from my samsung phone and as you can see this is not there on this phone

it’s pulling from the cloud a lot of burst photographs that’s why there was empty as you can see these are the

normal photos that I have and it’s pulling it from the cloud and the speedy

as you can see is fairly fast so again it’s not like that it works only with

one device let’s say if your family has multiple device you can install them and back it up the using god this one so

guys this is my Mac computer and this WD drive just comes up as a folder as you

can see as a shade right so you have all your files over here and I was curious

how would be the speed so let me do one thing this is a GB file that I have

so let’s transfer this to this WD drive and see how fast it does and I’m just

going to use the stop clock for that so I’m just going to write this here and

drop and let’s see it’s copying this gigabyte file and it should be done here at are showing the progress so yes it

will take some time about so roughly talk about seconds for

transferring gigabyte of files so I can make sure that you connect this WD

my Cloud Drive Wow Gigabit Ethernet connection let’s also do it the speed

check with this black magic the speed and I’m just going to select this WT a

drive as you can see let me just zoom in so I’m just going to use this one and

we’re going to select it and let’s start the test and this will test the speed

over the network and as you can see right speeds are about

two megabytes that we are getting and this is connected over a gigabit router

that I have and reach I’m very surprised that it’s touching about as you can see which is almost maxing out this

gigabit connection that a half so I’m really surprised with the read speed I

didn’t expect it to be actually this code rights are about as you can

see and you can actually control the entire device from this my cloud app for

example this was tab if you go to the settings and I’m just gonna quote to thirst and this is a cloud so it gives

you an idea how much storage space is left you can add users etc and we can

also actually shut down this device directly from the smartphones I’m just

going to shut down and I understand it’s gonna shut down and I understand now it’s going to shut down this one and

I’ll move it to my near my computer because I want to keep it over there so I have used this WD my cloud home for

about a week and let me share my experience what I liked about it and

what are the things that I did not like about this one and the first thing that I really liked about it and you saw that

is very easy to use and set it up you can actually completely control it with

a smartphone and it will backup the content on your smartphone like your

photos videos automatically and you don’t have to worry about it it does

that job seamlessly and I actually synced about four different smartphones

and it worked perfectly like this one also in terms of your sort of advanced

user you have a lot of videos that are stored on this as I’ve showed you in the

initial part of the video you can install the third-party app that is

known as plex server and that also actually works with this device so you

can view videos that are stored on this but just a web browser and the good

thing about this one is that even if you are device for example does not have any software that is configured for this one

you can just go to the my cloud comm website and login with your credentials and you’ll be able to access whatever

files are stored on this one from anywhere in the world so even say let’s

see you have some important file you’re traveling and you don’t have that you

can just go to my cloud calm and that way you can access what is

stored on this one and do not guys whatever is stored on this one is just stood on this one it’s not stored on any

third party cloud server so that way all your data is on this Drive and regarding

backups with Mac I tested it with Time Machine backups so if you have a Mac you

can set it up as a Time Machine backup so we backup your Mac automatically with

this one and also it has option for multiple users let’s say you live in

apartment and you have two different person two friends you can create an

other login for your friend and his files will be private to him you won’t be able to access this flight so

multi-user support has also provided on this now I’m going to some of the things

that I did not like and this is regarding the desktop app that we have

the desktop app that we have especially for the Mac is very limited in functionality and it just creates a

shade folder that you have but one thing that I like about the app is that if you

install the desktop app it works both with Windows as well as Mac is that you

can keep create a special folder thereby whatever you put at that let’s

say if you’re traveling or whatever now we’ll come back to you network to

automatically upload those files to the Stratos the shade functional folder functionality is very good but apart

from that the app desktop app is actually pretty bare-bones at my Frank

opinion also moving to the USB port that we have it is essentially used to

just upload files from let’s say your external drive to this one but the reverse is not possible for example

let’s say you want to backup your files what are there on this Drive to an

external hard drive that is not possible also if you plug in a external hard

drive with this one and want to extend the capacity of this one that is also

not possible so we careful when you are purchasing

this one regarding the capacity of the drive that you want terabytes

terabyte or whatever because you can’t expand the capacity of this drive and

lastly I would say this is not a con but again this is the single drive room

model but Western Digital also sells to drive models that is known as the duo

and I would say if you can spend extra yes obviously the duo drive it has

multiple hard drives on that it costs a little bit more but if you can afford

that I would just go for that one because in this one

we just have a single hard drive and for some reason if the signal hard drive

fails you’ll lose the data but if you are for the duo it automatically backs

up whatever you are writing to the second drive because it’s default rate

configuration so it’s a lot more secure in my opinion but overall I would say if

you haven’t been backing up stuff from your smartphone or from your computer

this is a very easy solution yes essentially it’s an ass but it’s a very

simple Nass generally NASA very complicated but this one is actually

very simple to set up and that is the reason that I like this one and if you

have a simple home set up I would say you should seriously have a look at this

my cloud home try from messing digital I hope you found this setup an overview

If you have¬†any other specific questions about this drive do post your questions in the¬†comment section below and I’ll try to answer them thanks for reading.


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